"Create your affiliate program quickly with your WordPress website"

Affiliation Manager allows you to create your affiliate program. It supports 2 levels of commissions, allows you to customize the structure of your affiliate links and to pay your affiliates instantly at the time of order or only after a delay that you set freely.

This plugin also allows you to get detailed statistics about your affiliates, clicks and commissions.

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What interest compared to affiliate platforms?

By setting up your affiliate program directly on your website without going through a platform, you will not have to pay fees and enjoy a total control. You will also have many more choices in customizing your affiliate program.

Setting up in less than 3 minutes

With Affiliation Manager, you can set up your affiliate program in less than 3 minutes. The documentation of the plugin explains you how to do this. With a single click, you can create the pages relating to affiliation (Registration, Profile, Statistics…).

You will also have access to a page where you can check the goals you want to reach with Affiliation Manager. This page will automatically create for you a personalized plan that you can follow step-by-step to reach your goals with this plugin.

Optimal performances for a better SEO

Some WordPress plugins slow down the websites that use them. Affiliation Manager has been developed with a lot of attention to its performances so that it doesn't slow down your website and it remains fast.

As proof, all Kleor plugins (including Affiliation Manager) are activated on this website, which does not use any cache plugin. And yet, it is significantly faster than average.

Compatible with the latest versions of WordPress

Affiliation Manager is compatible with the most recent version of WordPress (5.2.3) as well as with earlier versions, up to version 3.8 (released more than 5 years ago).

Compatible with the GDPR

The GDPR, which came into force on May 25, 2018, introduces the right to portability, which offers individuals the ability to receive their personal data, in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format. That's why Affiliation Manager allows your affiliates to download a CSV file containing their personal data.

Jeremy's plugins are the best way to implement a complete solution to sell products online.

Nassim Amisse

When we read the many testimonials on this page, we expect to find something fantastic. When we begin to use the plugins, we realize that this is really the case! Jeremy's plugins are the best way to implement a complete solution to sell products online.

Do not hesitate. You will save your time!

Nassim Amisse (La Caverne DLP / Tout sur le travail à domicile)

Simple, flexible and customizable

Affiliation Manager is very intuitive. It is also very flexible and allows you to customize its interface to meet your specific needs.

Many features

Affiliation Manager offers many possibilities: customize the structure of your affiliate links, allow your affiliates to offer a bonus to customers who order through their affiliate link, create pages and contents only visible by your affiliates, motivate your affiliates by offering more advantageous commissions to the best performing of them

Click on the image to immediately test Affiliation Manager

They use it. Here's what they think:

I have only one word: brilliant!

Alexandra Lemonnier

Hi Jeremy,

I want to congratulate you warmly for your two plugins Commerce Manager and Affiliation Manager discovered this morning.

It has been several weeks that I have tested all sorts of plugins for the project I'm working on and I confess I was pretty desperate. I saw no solution to what I wanted to do!

I tried so many things!!! And I must say that your plugins are impressive. Flexibility, lightness, it's downright super nice.

And the fact that we need only a single affiliate link for all products is one of the features I needed most.

All my problems were solved at once: optin, OTO, upgrade…

In the same category, none comes close. If it is you who have programmed it, congratulations! If you worked with a programmer, you have found a gem here.

None of the plugins I tested does all that. Your plugins fill my best wishes and well beyond.

I have only one word: brilliant!

Congratulations and thank you!

Alexandra Lemonnier
Ressources Web Design

Very complete and very simple to implement

Frankly nothing to say about this plugin except that it is perfect.

It works perfectly with other plugins of Kleor and nothing is missing in options.

I was desperate to find an affiliate software that easily integrates with my products and that is easy to use for me and my affiliates. Well I found it with Affiliation Manager that is very complete and very simple to implement.

No complex integration with other systems. No limitations of options. We can do anything and everything works perfectly with other plugins of Kleor.

Another magnificent achievement for this plugin!

Ecrivain Web

We still have not finished exploring all the possibilities.

Nicolas Sterlest and Sebastien Collas

First, Sebastien and me, we would like to thank you for sending us your plugins (Commerce Manager and Affiliation Manager) before their release.

We're still testing them on a test site and I must confess that we still have not finished exploring all the possibilities.

They offer so many possibilities. They are very flexible, easy to handle and even have features seen nowhere else.

The ability to automatically change the price and/or the commission percentage according to the date or another criteria is very practical.


Nicolas Sterlest and Sebastien Collas
Les Entrepreneurs du Web

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Free Upgrades

By getting now Affiliation Manager, you will get all the future upgrades of this plugin. This will allow you to benefit from new features in addition to many features included in the current version of Affiliation Manager. For example, here is the list of features we plan to add in the coming days:

  • Support for more autoresponders

Multi-Site License

You can install Affiliation Manager on each of your websites. You can also modify it for your personal use.

What is the price of Affiliation Manager?

Consider that if you are planning to hire a developer to create a plugin like this one, it would take several weeks of work and would cost you several thousand dollars. Here, you pay only 327 USD, and you get all the future upgrades for free. You can even install Affiliation Manager on all your websites.

Not only will you get your copy of Affiliation Manager for only 327 USD, but in addition, you will get this bonus for free:

  • the WordPress theme Light (value: 27 dollars), very lightweight, performing, responsive, optimized for computers, smartphones and tablets, and easily editable

Preview of the WordPress theme Light

Preview of the WordPress theme Light

Money Back Guarantee

You can try Affiliation Manager for 15 days. Configure your options. Create your affiliate program. And if, for any reason, you're not satisfied, remove the plugin from your website, contact us and we will refund you fully. You see, we take all the risk for you.

You take no risk. Don't wait until tomorrow. Take action now!

To Your Success,

Jeremy Lebre
Creator of Affiliation Manager

Who is Jeremy, the creator of Affiliation Manager?

Jeremy is a very talented developer, specialist of WordPress for more than 10 years now.

He started by creating free plugins. Then he performed various services on WordPress websites: customization of themes, bug fixing, creation of custom plugins, creation of performing websites…

He also learned a lot about marketing, and about strategies and tactics to increase conversion rates and sales on a website.

That's why he decided to create 4 very elaborate commercial plugins to sell your products, create your affiliate program, your members areas and build your prospects lists. Today, these 4 plugins have helped thousands of entrepreneurs to carry out their projects.

P.S. Don't miss this opportunity and get your copy now!

You will get all the future upgrades for free, as well as the WordPress theme Light (value: 27 dollars), very lightweight, performing, responsive, optimized for computers, smartphones and tablets, and easily editable!

And if you're not satisfied with Affiliation Manager, you have a money back guarantee.