Promote our products and earn commissions on sales 


How does it work?

By registering to the affiliate program, you will get affiliate links that will allow you to earn a commission of at least 40 % on every sale made by you. When someone clicks on one of your affiliate links, a cookie (with a lifetime of 180 days) and a localStorage item are installed on his computer. If he orders a product of Kleor, a commission will be awarded to you. And you will can automatically get commissions on all his future orders.

If the cookie has been deleted, Affiliation Manager (our software to manage this affiliate program) will attempt to recognize the user with the localStorage item, and then by his IP address or his email address in case of failure. Thus, you can still get commissions on sales of our products.

If this user registers to the affiliate program, then you will earn a commission of at least 4 % on every sale made by him.

With only one of your affiliate links (no matter which one), you can get commissions for all products marketed by Kleor. You can promote as many products as you want.

Commissions of each month are paid to you between 1 and 5 of the following month, through PayPal.

If you know a significant number of people likely to be interested by the Kleor plugins, we can set up a special limited offer (discount and/or bonus for example) just for you. If you are interested, contact us.

OK, now I register to the affiliate program!

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